20 February 2006

3 Updates In Drew's Life (a/k/a 3 Things That You Wanted To Know About My Life At This Time)

Drew life updates:
  1. I've got roommates!!! They are two super-seniors at YU, one of whom will be moving out at the end of May, so I will be looking for a new roommate come June. (see previous posting on this topic)
  2. I finished watching the third season of "24" last week [on DVD], but I will be taking a brief hiatus before beginning the fourth season - 24 is very enjoyable, but now that the last season on DVD is all that's left for me, it'll be over so shortly (I don't know when the fifth season (which is currently on TV now) will be out on DVD, so that's not going to be for a while.). BTW, 24 has been my current main extra-curricular activity, taking the place of my researching-and-writing. (I have blogged about 24 previously, including my first posting about it, and two others (here and here).) Additionally, don't forget to check out Lipman's posting about 24 displaying an Ethics of Responsibility versus that of the Torah's Ethics of Ideology.
  3. I got health insurance! So, I may be jogging soon. And if I get hurt badly, I'll have health insurance! :) (for more, see my earlier postings on my knee: here and here)
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