27 April 2012

A New Creative Output Project: 30 Days of 30 Drinks by a 30-Year Old

A pair of mint juleps that I made for a neighbor and me to try
Having developed an interest since November in making cocktails and other mixed drinks (not to mention cultivating an appreciation for spirits) (previously mentioned here), I randomly got inspired yesterday to create 30 videos, each with me making a cocktail.  Granted, I'm sure all of these drinks have had videos or other media showing their creation, but, as a matter of my personal interest in generating creative output, I figured this would be a fun and interesting project.  It will consist of about six weeks of five videos/drinks each.  Stay Tuned!

17 April 2012

Clone Wars Cocktails

The Blue Lightsaber
A couple of months ago, I decided to hold a Star Wars Clone Wars watching party. I don't mean the currently running show on television, the Clone Wars, I mean the original, Emmy-winning show that nicely bridged episodes 2 and 3. I had remembered liking it, especially due to this closing of the narrative gap that existed between episodes 2 and 3, not to mention that there were battles, which was pretty neat.     Although I had gotten myself the DVDs for Hanukah presents this year, I hadn't watched them, but had mentioned the series to people who watched episode 1 in 3D with me in the theatre. I decided a viewing party was to be held.
Obi-Wan's Formidable Lightsaber
I wanted to have Clone Wars-themed cocktails and googled them. Apparently, there are not a lot of Clone Wars specific cocktails. I had especially wanted a Mace Windu, purple-colored drink to represent his lightsaber and even a red drink for either Asajj Ventress and/or Count Dooku, but, alas, did not find any.  I'm still looking (purple will probably hard to come up with, but a red one would probably include either Heering's cherry liquor, grenadine, or cranberry juice - ideas?)....

I ended up with the following two drinks (both requiring blue Curacao):
The first one is called a Blue Lightsaber, which is a nice, light drink and is shaken over ice and strained into a tall shotglass:
           - one part cranberry juice
           - one part vodka
                                                               - two parts blue Curacao
The other one I found here (which has numerous other related drinks), called Obi Wan's Formidable Lightsaber, which also is shaken over ice and strained into a tall shotglass, and is actually quite a serious drink (the Scotch gives it some gravitas, while the lemon juice and lime juice give it some kick):
        - one part Scotch
        - one part blue Curacao
        - one part lime juice
        - one part lemon juice
If you're having any Clone Wars cocktails parties, enjoy!