01 June 2007

In Rochester: Wedding Preparations

In Judaism, there is a positive commandment to get married (see Rambam's Sefer HaMizvot, positive commandment 213; Sefer haHinukh 552, Sefer Mizvot Gadol, positive commandment 48). As such, it is appropriate that one prepare for this mizvah.
This weekend, my fiance and I are in Rochester (and the shul where we'll be going for services, which will also be the same one as where my aufruf will be on 11 August, Beth Sholom, has a little blurb in their June newsletter about our engagement (on page 3)).

Our preparations today for the wedding included going to the shul where we will be wedding to pick out which huppah we shall be using and to figure out the space (even though both of us were at a wedding there last year, it still helps to get another look at it).
A very important meeting happened when we met with the florist to pick out our floral arrangements, etc. for the wedding. Flowers are, apparently, a very essential element to weddings.
Although that was it for me for the day for wedding preparations, my fiance also went to the hair and make-up dresser to get a testing to see what may be done.
On Sunday, my fiance's bridal shower will occur.