31 December 2006

Israel Trip Day One: Arrival in Israel

On Tuesday 26 December (around 1 PMish), I arrived in Israel. This is my fourth trip to Israel (the first being a Birthright Israel trip six years ago and two separate stays of four-months each at Ohr Somayach). Unfortunately, I did not take any pictures, so I have nothing to share here in that regards.
Although I had been put on stand-by in New York, I made it onto the plane and it was great - there were mostly university students - and some people I knew from various previous other places and stuff - it was great. The only unfortunate part about it was that there was a lot of turbulence, causing the in-flight schmoozing to be cut down to a minimum.
Upon arriving, I caught a sherut taxi with a frum guy to Jerusalem, where I dropped some stuff off for my sister. We then went to get dinner with her boyfriend (and for me to me meet him), which was nice, though it was raining, driving away a lot of the crowds.
I ended up going to Efrat with him back to his trailer room at Hamivtar, staying the night.