19 April 2019

Possibly Podcasting?

A couple years ago, it got into my head to make a podcast. My initial thinking was probably a Star Wars podcast, since I know a lot of Star Wars (and also occasionally appear on a Star Wars podcast). Recently in conversation with a fellow Star Wars fan, who heavily encouraged me to actually do a podcast, I realized this is really something that I have a whole lot of interest in doing, so maybe I really should go ahead and podcast. 

However, I'm not sure that I necessarily want to do a Star Wars podcast at the moment. I have two main concerns: 1) there are a lot of Star Wars podcasts out there - so what would my podcast add? 2) Since there are a lot of Star Wars podcasts already, what would be special or unique to what I would have to add? I still would like to do a Star Wars podcast, but I need more time to work it out. 

Another idea that’s been bouncing around in my head for a year or two has been a different passion of mine: Jewish texts. There are not so many podcasts about this arena. Originally, I had considered doing random rabbinic texts. More recently, however, I have in mind doing a Pirkei Avot podcast. I think such a podcast would be great, but it needs a lot of working on to get there. 

The immediate idea I have and I am seriously considering doing is a podcast focussed on Jewish drinking texts, with a guest each episode, whether rabbis, academics, or other such thinkers. The idea is to produce weekly episodes, lasting 12-15 minutes (maybe even up to 18 minutes). Although I was thinking of calling it מי חיים (“Water of Life”), I may call it something more familiar, like The Torah on Tap Podcast.

Before moving ahead with that project, though, I need to understand the mechanics of podcasting, so I will be learning about it and experimenting with it in the meantime.