05 July 2015

Posts of Quotes and Excerpts on This Blog Posted Prior to Splitting Off Separate Excerpts Website

While I post quotes that I find interesting to my Excerpted website (which I created last year, but I have been doing since 2011), I realized I had never pulled together the various posts of mine that featured quotes or excerpts.  While I am tempted to, at some point, include the quotes and excerpts from within the following posts and put them onto Excerpted, nevertheless, they are listed below in reverse chronological order:

While these are primarily the posts of quotes and excerpts, it should be noted that there are numerous posts that feature quotes from Hebrew texts, although perhaps that might warrant an entirely separate post.  Also, most of these quotes/excerpts occurred after the first couple years of this blog, picking up in the following years, which helped serve as a catalyst for me to consider spinning off a separate blog dedicated to quotes of interest.  One thing about which I was leery was just putting quotes on this blog and not other substantive matters.  Ultimately, I decided to create that separate blog.