05 July 2015

Posts of Quotes and Excerpts on This Blog Posted Prior to Splitting Off Separate Excerpts Website

While I post quotes that I find interesting to my Excerpted website (which I created last year, but I have been doing since 2011), I realized I had never pulled together the various posts of mine that featured quotes or excerpts.  While I am tempted to, at some point, include the quotes and excerpts from within the following posts and put them onto Excerpted, nevertheless, they are listed below in reverse chronological order:

While these are primarily the posts of quotes and excerpts, it should be noted that there are numerous posts that feature quotes from Hebrew texts, although perhaps that might warrant an entirely separate post.  Also, most of these quotes/excerpts occurred after the first couple years of this blog, picking up in the following years, which helped serve as a catalyst for me to consider spinning off a separate blog dedicated to quotes of interest.  One thing about which I was leery was just putting quotes on this blog and not other substantive matters.  Ultimately, I decided to create that separate blog.

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Aleksandr Sigalov said...


My name is Aleksandr Sigalov. I am a Torah observant Jew.

Sorry I write it here. I could not find your email. You can delete it after you read it.

I really enjoyed your website and your blog and I wanted to invite you to my blog and see if you would be interested in featuring it on yours. I can do the same in return. Here is the link: thedeserttabernacle.blogspot.com

I am having difficult time reaching Orthodox Jewish community due to the fact that many Orthodox Jews do not use internet or use it very little. However, they would benefit most from materials published on my blog. This is why I was hoping you can help me.

The current problem in Orthodox Jewish community caused by the fact that they do not follow Written Torah, the only Law that was given to Jews by God.

There is no pure form of Judaism today, as all sects and denominations have added to the Torah. Samaritans have Joshuah, Karaites have NK (Neviim, Ketuvim), Rabbinic Jews have Talmud and derivative works, e.t.c.

Not a single group follows the Law of God in its pure form, which is the Written Torah. They all follow man-made traditions and writings over the Written Torah.

This is why many young Orthodox Jews leave the community as they can clearly see that it is all bullshit that has no basis in reality. This is why Orthodox Jews are stuck in the past with radical views on issues like technology (internet, phones), female sexuality, science, e.t.c.

All violence in Israel has the same root as well. The Written Torah should be the law of the land and the 10 commandments should be Israel's constitution. For native and for the sojourner as Shemot 12:49 states. Democracy or any other form of government, including Rabbinic Torah (Rabbinic Theocracy), will never work in Israel. Only Written Torah will, as it was specifically designed for that land. Written Torah is extremely clear that the only way we can live in peace in Israel is if we would live by it. This is the absolute condition.

I am a former Orthodox Jew myself and I was pretty disillusioned by Orthodox Judaism. This is why I follow and live only by the Written Torah now as it is the only true word of our God. As a chosen people and as priests to nations we must set an example and represent the best of the best. This is not the case at this time.

The reason I am appealing to you is to establish a dialog and try to help spread real Torah knowledge, incur change in this horrible situation, as well as to call for Jewish unity everywhere under one true Law of God.

Let me know what you think.

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Aleksandr Sigalov