22 March 2013

Can Disney Create a Star Wars Theme Park?

Last year, when I wrote about the desire (at least mine, but I imagine it's widely shared) for a Star Wars theme park, I was hopelessly optimistic about the creation of such a fantastic place.  However, why would Star Wars decide to venture out and do such a thing when they wouldn't even create episodes 7-9?
     When I first heard about the purchase by Disney in October (see, for instance, this recent BusinessWeek article), I was shocked, but was certainly happy when I heard that episode 7 would be coming out in a few years :)  Nevertheless, I didn't imagine the possibility of a Disney Star Wars theme park at the time.  However, between the resources, capability and experience that Disney brings to the table with their theme parks and the immense draw and interest that Star Wars has for fans of all ages, it only makes sense that this wonderful idea could become a reality.
     Slashfilm broke the story yesterday that it seems even Disney is considering making it a reality.  Now, many websites are making mention of it, such as Slashgear, MovieFone, Mashable and more, so with all of this buzz, I can't wait for Disney to start making this dream come true!