22 November 2007

Back Home

Last night, my wife and I arrived back to my parents' house Gahanna, Ohio. The significance of this trip is that it is the first time we've been in Ohio as a married couple. In any event, happy Thanksgiving!

14 November 2007

Starting Physical Therapy & Returning to Lifting Weights

Yesterday was my first day of physical therapy for my knee [since the surgery (which was nearly three weeks ago)],which was helpful, as there is a light at the end of this handicapped tunnel in which I am. Along with learning some exercises to be doing to help me recover, I learned that I can return to lifting upper body weights, for which I am glad I can return to physical exercise of some sort.
As such, I just got back this morning from lifting weights for the first time since my surgery, which was three weeks ago today. I must say that my [upper body (it goes without saying my lower body)] strength noticeably diminished in those few weeks. I look forward to regaining my lost strength.

08 November 2007

The Shifting Connotation of the Term "My Bed" in Rabbinic Literature: Another Excised Appendix

One remaining appendix that I had meant to include in my article on ברכת המפיל (the blessing) is on the topic of the shifting connotation of the term "my bed" in rabbinic literature. It would help prove a point I made in my paper. However, an appendix was not deemed to be fitting for Milin Havivin, so it, like my appendix on קריאת שמע (reading out of Shema'), was excised. So, here is the link to this "mini-article" on "my bed".

07 November 2007

Knee Improving - No More Crutches

Now that my recent knee surgery is now two weeks in the past, I am now walking limping around without crutches. Up through last week, I was still on two crutches, but on Friday, I made it down to just one crutch. Then, on Sunday, I was able to get around in short distances crutchlessly. As of yesterday, I am now able to perambulate even further without any walking aids. The next step in my recovery is physical therapy, which begins next week.

02 November 2007

Parshas HaShavua Posting at Canfei Nesharim

This week, Canfei Nesharim posted a devar Torah that I wrote for their Eitz Chayim Hee: A Torah Commentary for Environmental Learning and Action project. I, of course, want to thank them for providing me with the opportunity to contribute to their project. At some point here, I may elaborate about why I find that the environment is important, but especially in a religious sense.
Now, those who know me will notice that some of the material towards the end, such as quoting Rav Nahman of Breslov is not quite my style - it's true - it's editorial addition, though I'm fine with that, as it may be more helpful for some of the readers.
Also, they prepared a source sheet to accompany my devar Torah, which is fine, although, had they asked me, I would have been happy to put together such a source sheet.
Anyways, enjoy & shabbat shalom.