28 August 2007

Bedtime Shema' Piece

With still trying to get things in order around our new apartment and with the new school year here, I've been a bit busy and, thus, my posting has dropped off. However, I wanted to briefly post something here. YCT's annual Torah journal, Milin Havivin will hopefully be coming out sometime this fall for the third volume. In there, I have an article on the blessing before going to sleep (that I have mentioned initially here and subsequently here) which is in its final stages of being edited for publication. This particular posting is about one of two appendices I had appended to the article but now will not be a part of the paper (hopefully, the other appendix (on the phrase "my bed" in Rabbinic literature) will remain in...). I thought I would post it up for anybody who may be interested in it. It is a brief three-page piece on the bedtime Shema'. Because I did very little with this piece, just copying it into a new file, there are a couple of references that are subsequent to earlier references in the paper, itself, so they are incomplete. (Update: I have now fixed those references.) A lot of it is a rehashing of part of my paper in last year's regarding the bedtime Shema'. There are a couple of neat little points, such as in footnotes 6 & 8, but not much else. Ah well, it's a neat little piece.

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