06 August 2007

5 Days Left Until My Wedding

Yup, only 5 days left until my/our wedding. Two things about it that I wanted to discuss. The first of which is our gift registries. We are registered at Bed Bath & Beyond and Crate & Barrel. We are also registered with two separate knife registries: Warther Knives and Cutco (for Cutco, you will have to search for our names). Although the last two knife registries were added much later, it has been interesting that a lot has been bought off of our BB&B registry and not as much off of our C&B registry - my thinking is that people assume that we are registered at the former, thus they go there and purchase from there, with less people going to our various registries from our registries page. (Oh yeah, if you wanted to get us something off of one of our registries (no pressure), even though you may not have been invited to the wedding, we will not hold you back from doing so.)
The other is that we are finally finished composing our wedding brochure. Whenever I have gone to weddings in the past, I always wanted more information - some footnotes and some in-text citations. I then thought that mine would be different - it would be full of information and sources. But, alas, my fiance wanted no such thing. Okay, I really shouldn't place the blame on her - most of the guests probably care little about such information and just want basics and to follow along with the ceremonies and celebrations.


Steg (dos iz nit der šteg) said...

the garbage can drums are great :-)

Drew Kaplan said...


Avi said...

Mazel Tov.

This more what you like in a wedding book? http://livejewish.bravehost.com/

BTW, I agree - I would prefer something that explains what is going on more than makes jokes, but that's just my style. So many people don't know what's a joke and what's "real" and can't distinguish between a cute aggadah and something in the sources.

I wrote this (it's a bit more right wing than my personal views, but since there are so many non-halakhic Jewish weddings, the aim was to try to prevent that) -

and in HTML - http://www.geocities.com/mrdude1/JewishWeddingGuide.html

Unknown said...

ditto steg. the garbage can drums are great :-)

How come you didn't use the thingy? That's our turf!!!! It also seems to me that you went to BB&B on the UWS -- I love that store!!!