07 August 2007

College Papers From My Old Computer

Continuing in a similar vein from my earlier post about files from my college computer, I have now uploaded various papers I wrote for assignments in college (now in pdf format). All of these are from my last three semesters at IU, upon my return back from YU. The only non-Jewish studies one of these is this little sheet. Keep in mind that they are specifically undergrad pieces and not grad work.
Two papers that I composed for my anthropology class in fall 2002 were "Male Initiation to Torah Education" and "Modern-day Jewish Traditional Wedding Ceremonies in America".
In the following spring, I used the Chicago style of citation in my printing press paper. I also took another anthropology course on Jewish women, wherein I wrote a couple of papers on Jewesses
(one - two) and another couple on mikveh use (one - two). For our final assignment, a classmate and I worked on a paper on the two women rabbis in town (also uploaded is a rough draft of a piece of work that was intended by me to be included in the work (but it was not to be so) on rabbinic reasons for women not to be rabbis).
The following semester, I wrote a piece on Spinoza's method of Biblical interpretation. More significantly was my last paper in college, "Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik’s Philosophy of Halakhah’s View of Evil".
While glancing at some of them, I noticed various typos and other errors, so the reader may now consider oneself warned. Interestingly, another thing I noticed is the style of my discourse concerning Judaism and halakhah.

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