28 July 2005

My Summer Gets Better

From here on out, my summer gets better. No more waking up at any certain time. Now, aside from these next two weeks, finishing up my course at Columbia, I get to endeavor studying what I desire - in addition to what I'm doing for a professor.
What's the change? I've finished up a five-week supplementary mechina course provided by "Chovevei" at Drisha that met from 9am-2pm M-R, and am now looking forward to getting some 'summer time' in for the next four weeks, before I start rabbinical school. Not that it's going to be a breeze....
Below is a picture of us having Chinese lunch thanks to the yeshiva.

26 July 2005

My First Blog entry

Ok, I just registered for this as I was posting a comment to a friend's recently-begun blog and I was offered a free blogspot. Well, blogosphere, here I am. Though I doubt how much I will be able to contribute. If anybody has any ideas, I am open to them.