23 July 2020

Reflecting on This Spring's A Few with Drew Series

Back in the spring, while on a walk around my neighborhood and listening to an episode of "Tea with Gary Vee", I was inspired to create a Coronatine project: "A Few with Drew" (which you can read more about its genesis here). Basically, I would create a new few-minute video every day, whether in the morning or evening, Sunday-Friday, and talk about a few things I was doing or what was on my mind. 

I posted the episodes to Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram; I did not successfully post to YouTube every day, but I was good about posting to Facebook and Instagram. This series lasted up until my first day at my new job. To some degree, I really thought I could continue creating "A Few with Drew" videos, but the next day, I really was no longer in the mindset of creating such videos. After all, these were meant to be both reflective of my Coronatine experience, as well as a creative outlet for me amidst Coronatine, but going into work for 7.5-8 hours a day no longer seemed to be in any way related to the Coronatine experience.

Wrap-up Episode?
I thought it would be a great idea to do a wrap-up episode of "A Few with Drew", but, as time went on, it just never happened :( This post is the closest I plan on getting to such a video (unless I discuss it on a different video...).

Beneficial Consequences
The effects and consequences of the 44 episodes I did with "A Few with Drew" extended beyond the actual episodes, themselves. One key consequence that I had been shooting for was literally sharing my experiences and having people react/respond, which I received and was great. I wasn't in it for huge numbers, just anything, and I was happy with that.

A halfway unexpected consequence was forcing myself to get comfortable and work on the skill of speaking to a camera in one-shot. While previous video projects of mine have involved editing, whether to remove my filler speech or for other reasons, I knew from the outset that I didn't have the bandwidth to take on a new video-editing project (in addition to my weekly real estate videos and weekly videos/podcasts for Jewish Drinking), so I would have to really have a sense of what I was planning on saying and speaking on the shows prior to recording. I have mentioned earlier that it caused an unlock in my reducing friction in creating video content, allowing me to create more Star Wars videos, as well as making my real estate videos less heavy on editing, which was great. 

Finally, an unexpected consequence of this project was live Zoom sessions: the first evening that I posted a "Few with Drew" video, someone suggested on Facebook that I turn it into a live Zoom discussion/drinking opportunity. So, that Sunday, I did a live Zoom session, which went well, then ended up doing a further four more. Out of these five Zoom sessions which brought together various people looking to connect amidst Coronatine, Star Wars kept coming up and I realized I wanted to do a live Zoom series focussing on Star Wars.

So, inspired by a rabbinic colleague's doing a special Judaism and Star Wars Zoom session, I recognized that no one has ever done an entire series on Judaism and Star Wars movies. So, after taking off Mother's Day for a Zoom session, the following Sunday, I began doing weekly Zoom sessions on Star wars theatrically-released films and comparing them with Biblical and Rabbinic texts (so far, ten sessions completed with just two further sessions to go(!)).

Going Forward
Although I was done with the series of "A Few with Drew", I really quite liked the idea of doing short, daily videos. Thus, a new series was inspired, "Minute Morning Musings", which I plan on discussing in a future post :)

22 July 2020

A Core Thesis of Gary Vaynerchuk's: Put Content Online

For those of you who have seen me publishing posts on this platform (and other platforms, as well), you may have noticed that I have been sharing a fair amount of Gary Vaynerchuk-related content. Today is no different, as this is a quick clip of his sharing a core thesis amongst his ideas: put content online:

10 July 2020

A Few Key Gary Vee Videos

Having mentioned my appreciation for Gary Vaynerchuk videos, I've recently found myself commonly sharing a small number of key Gary Vee videos that I have found valuable and want to share with other people who I think would derive a lot of value from them, as well.

The first of these videos is not only the first Gary Vaynerchuk video/talk that I watched/listened to, but it's also an incredibly helpful and insightful video (which I may delve into further on another occasion):
After beginning to get into Gary Vaynerchuk content, I mentioned this newfound interest of mine to someone who respects Gary Vee and had even met him years ago. He shared with me this solid video from all the way back in 2015, which has remarkably - and insightfully - stood the test of time (at least so far):
Finally, having mentioned earlier on this blog about my appreciation for "Tea with Gary Vee", there has been one particular segment that has not only been deeply impactful for me in the way I think about charging for services, but is also incredibly fascinating (okay, and entertaining), which is the last half-hour of this video:
I hope you derive value from these videos! Enjoy :)