16 September 2019

Three Recent Significant Influences on My Thinking

There have been three recent significant influences on my life in recent months, which have been exciting, especially affecting my output of writing.

Moving Beyond “Analysis Paralysis”
The first of these three was moving beyond “analysis paralysis”. When I got into real estate, my real estate productivity coach said to get out of my head and to stop worrying about “analysis paralysis” and just go/do, even if I get something wrong, it’s still an opportunity to learn and improve. At first, I thought he was just saying that for me, but then I met with a mortgage loan person and I heard the exact same thing about real estate agents needing to really get away from this analysis paralysis and then go and do. Once I heard that from him, I realized that it has been such an unfortunately significant barrier to my actions, both in reaching out to people, as well as to my writing. There has been a lot that I’ve held back on over the years simply because I thought writing pieces of mine were not 100% perfect/ready for the public to see.

If I Need, Simply Revise
Following-up on the first lesson was, even if I put something out, I can easily go back and revise it. This idea actually occurred to me in reading about Rashi and medieval manuscripts, especially that “Authors never intended them as final statements but as snapshots of their current thinking, as works in progress.” If that was the case for medieval manuscripts, then all the much more so in the age of the Internet, when we can easily revise/edit/add what we’ve previously written. Paired with just doing and going beyond analysis paralysis, this is actually pretty powerful.

Gleaning from Gary Vaynerchuk
A third and much more recent influence has been the wisdom of Gary Vaynerchuk. While I had heard of him over the years, I avoided his material, even when people shared it with me. Two and a half weeks ago, my real estate productivity coach shared a talk of Gary Vaynerchuk’s, so I made sure to listen to it. Wow! It was so fascinating on a number of levels, but not the least of which was that he both offered critique, as well as offering suggestions to people. There is a lot of material of his that I have found fascinating, especially moving beyond fears of insecurity and doing what you’re good at. Post content and do lots of it is another of his pushes. While that’s been great, I also have found his suggestion to focus on one thing and become an expert in that. While I have not fully unpacked about my appreciation of his material, those are some key aspects.

Going Forward
Taking these three influences on me in recent months together has yielded an encouraged me, looking to both be more willing to reach out and talk to people, but also less scared about putting out material for consumption. And, moreover, putting out more material. Stay tuned….

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