09 February 2015

Recent Trip to Israel

With my family at the Western Wall
Recently, I went with my family on vacation to visit Israel, primarily to visit some of my wife's family, but also to show Israel to our daughters, and, of course, for us to enjoy Israel, as well.

While I had been recently in May to co-lead a Taglit-Birthright Israel trip, it was my first time back in Israel on vacation in three years.  While the weather was mild and only slightly chilly (okay, it was good weather), I, unfortunately, got sick on one of the flights there.  I then spent the rest of the trip trying to recover.

Nevertheless, it was nice to be there and reconnect with the land, with some family, and bumping into other folks there.  Of course, it was also great to have our girls have such an experience and, for the older ones, hopefully remember their trip.