05 May 2015

Intentions of Splitting Off Blogs [Metablogging]

While I have been blogging for almost ten years now, a relatively new endeavor of mine has been blogging more publicly, which led to this blog being more of a personal blog, with other blogs being more for public consumption.  So, you might ask, why did I spin off my blogging (initially, with Drew's Views, which then turned into Matters of Interest), which had been primarily here, to be elsewhere, yet keep this blog?  And what are my goals with doing so?

One purpose was to have certain posts viewed more broadly and not simply being seen as simply one person's personal blog.  In other words, I wanted greater exposure for some of my pieces.  And, if I was going to spin off a separate, more impersonal blog, that would leave space for this particular blog to be more of a personal nature.

I also further realized that, in addition to putting out thoughts, material, and more, I could get access to things which I had never previously received.  One such opportunity might be to receive press passes - I had heard of other bloggers receiving them; I wondered if I could get into things because I had a blog and was willing to write about events.  Well, I was super-happy when I received word that I had gotten my first-ever press pass last spring.  Since then, I received two more in 2014 and have received two so far in 2015 :)

Another opportunity is receiving items for review, since I knew bloggers sometimes got items to review, I was hoping I could get some.  While I haven't yet received a lot, I did receive a book, as well as, through a tech blogger, a tech item to review.  I haven't received anything else, but I am hopeful….

Another is getting paid to do promotions.  So far, I've twice done an annual promotion for Oh! Nuts in the spring, and am open to receiving more promotional opportunities.

And I would love the opportunity to get money, perhaps through advertising or through other streams, but I haven't succeeded in this endeavor.  However, I have some particular aspirations for money, were I to receive any significant amount

  • Goal #1: Get enough money to cover the costs of blogging (i.e. domain name and hosting).  
  • Goal #2: Get enough money to cover the costs of blogging paraphernalia (i.e. hats and other "promotional" items).
  • Goal #3: Get enough money to cover the costs of going to events for blogging purposes (just because I get into events for free on a media pass, doesn't mean I don't have to pay for parking…).
  • Goal #4: Get enough money to buy a DSLR camera (I've never had one, but would love one and it would certainly enhance the quality of pictures I post).
  • Goal #5: If I somehow get enough money for everything aforementioned, that would be wonderful and I could have extra spending money :)
Since I am still working on Goal #1 on the list above, it seems it will take me awhile to get a DSLR camera, but one can hope….