25 July 2014

Ninth Year of Blogging: Embracing my Identity as a Blogger

Today marks my ninth anniversary since having begun blogging (yay!) and this past year was one of my most exciting years of blogging.

Deciding in December to spin off an "impersonal blog" in order to have a more public self-blogging persona, leaving this blog to remain as my "personal blog" was a big move for me, for my identity, and for my sense of self.  It was great!  For a half-year, my Drew's Views project went well and I enjoyed having that more public website. Amongst other things, it resulted in my first press pass, I spun off a separate Star Wars blog, and got some positive feedback on the panel presentations about which I had wrote at Long Beach Comic Expo.

I followed up the Drew's Views project with the launch of Matters of Interest earlier this month.  Moving away from a fixed weekly content schedule, it has freed me up to post about things of interest as they come up.  I also intended to cast my net wider [content-wise] and I have a great feeling about it :)

My quotes blog moved this year from being  "DKquotes" on Wordpress, I moved it to its own domain and a more general name, "Excerpted", of which I am still glad for the broader appeal.  While I have struggled to figure out the right layout for the site, I have mostly hewed to an 11-post/per week schedule - one in the morning, Sunday-Friday, and one in the afternoon, Sunday-Thursday.  The content derives from excerpts I find of interest in whatever I am reading.

Lastly, the first blog to be spun off within the past year was my professional blog/site, which was something I had actually intended to do years previously, but only actually did in August.  I had been wanting to do so that there was a very clear delineation between my personal blogging and my professional blogging.  I wonder (but don't know) if this spinning-off of that blog was a catalyst (albeit delayed until after the birth of my third child) for deciding to not only split the personal blogging and professional blogging, but also my personal blogging from my impersonal blogging (resulting, initially, in Drew's Views).  

A big factor in the explosion in my blogging over the past year was realizing that there is only so much time in one's life and that I might as well try and go for it
, while another factor might actually be technological: with a tablet that has a keyboard (that I got last summer (the keyboard; the tablet I have had for two years)) that makes it easier on which to type than my laptop, it is so much easier to whip up content), which has helped me to embrace my identity as a blogger.  After all, I've now been blogging for nine years.

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