23 August 2013

My New Rabbinic Blog/Website

After wanting to do it for some time now, I have finally set up a website to broadcast via my "rabbinic personality".  Since before I graduated rabbinical school, I have owned the RabbiDrew.info domain name and kept wanting to use it as my professional website.  A couple of years ago, I decided I wanted to start a Wordpress blog through that domain name.  However, I've had issues with GoDaddy in getting it set-up, so I finally just decided to set up a free Wordpress blog, using RabbiDrew.info as a re-direct to it.
This week was my first in posting content to it, with a post each of the past four days (Monday-Thursday) and I am looking forward to continuing to post content to it as it pertains to my professional self.
For a while, I've been wanting to post about activities etc. I've been doing or about work, etc., but not wanting to post it on this personal blog, since that is not my intention with this particular blog.  This bifurcation of broadcasting of mine is exactly as I have done with Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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