28 August 2013

Splitting Broadcasting Streams: A Foursquare-Twitter Experiment

Recently, while considering splitting the streams of my broadcasting of my activities between personal and professional, whether it be Instagram or blogging (or, less recently, Facebook), I have been considering whither I should send my Foursquare check-ins.  

While I have considered creating a separate Foursquare account for professional purposes, so people can keep up with where I am for work, I have - for the time being - decided not to create a separate account.

With that consideration, I have tried different ways of broadcasting my check-ins as it pertains to professional purposes.  I have gone through some changes (see, for instance, picture to the right):

     - Initially, I sent Foursquare check-ins to my personal twitter account, then threw an "RT @DrewKaplan:" in front of those tweets, simply retweeting them via my professional twitter account.

     - Then, I decided I did not need to include "RT @DrewKaplan:" in front of the tweets, since I did not want to (or need to) reference my personal twitter account in my professional account.

     -Yesterday, I decided that there's no reason to send tweets relating to my professional activities out via my personal twitter account: if people want to know what I'm doing personally, they can follow me on my personal account; if they want to know what I'm doing professionally, they can follow my professional account.  Of course, that means I just need to know the settings of my Foursquare account and know to which Twitter account it's sending out.

All of this does not rule out a future creation of a separate Foursquare account for my professional activities, but, for now, I am fine with keeping a unified account.

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