15 May 2019

Now a Licensed Real Estate Agent!

I am now an officially licensed real estate agent!

How did I get here?

Having had literally no interest ever in real estate, it can seem somewhat surprising. Previously, when people would tell me they were in the real estate business, it would fade into the background, as they were just involved in buildings, which held no intellectual interest to me.

The idea of getting a real estate license first occurred to me as a tongue-in-cheek idea amidst a meeting in August in my previous position as the recruiter for Cincinnati's Modern Orthodox community. If my job was to help people move to Cincinnati and find appropriate lodging and even purchase housing, wouldn't it make sense to understand how that works? Having known nothing about real estate, studying real estate and earning my license would not only be a useful professional skill, but it would also grant me access to real estate listings and help people find houses.

However, at that time, it was not a fully serious idea, but something to keep in mind, especially as I was still early on in that position and had a lot more to learn, do, and people with whom to meet.

As the fall progressed, it popped into my head that it could be worth it to at least get a referral cut of commissions from bringing people to Cincinnati. The idea began to grow in my head (although I was very busy with the job, so I wasn't considering beginning the courses just yet).

Finally, February rolled around and I decided to order the course materials and begin studying a little bit on the side. However, shortly thereafter, the job dried up, so I decided it was time to go ahead and knock out the coursework and begin my real estate studies.

It was my first time ever doing online courses, which, while it lacks the in-person interactions and also leaves a lot of reading/understanding of the material up to the student, nevertheless was convenient, as it permitted to me to go at my own pace in apprehending the materials.

The material was very fascinating and most of the material was entirely new information to me. There was a lot to learn and to integrate into my brain, but it also made me a lot more aware about land, buildings, and more that was around us.

I then set up a date to take the exams (state and national), and was quite anxious about knowing the materials, facts, information, formulae, and more. Then, last week, I took the exams and, to my delight, I passed them!

The license was issued the other day and here I am: a licensed real estate agent :)

Now to begin from square one: there is a lot to learn about being a real estate agent in practice….

19 April 2019

Possibly Podcasting?

A couple years ago, it got into my head to make a podcast. My initial thinking was probably a Star Wars podcast, since I know a lot of Star Wars (and also occasionally appear on a Star Wars podcast). Recently in conversation with a fellow Star Wars fan, who heavily encouraged me to actually do a podcast, I realized this is really something that I have a whole lot of interest in doing, so maybe I really should go ahead and podcast. 

However, I'm not sure that I necessarily want to do a Star Wars podcast at the moment. I have two main concerns: 1) there are a lot of Star Wars podcasts out there - so what would my podcast add? 2) Since there are a lot of Star Wars podcasts already, what would be special or unique to what I would have to add? I still would like to do a Star Wars podcast, but I need more time to work it out. 

Another idea that’s been bouncing around in my head for a year or two has been a different passion of mine: Jewish texts. There are not so many podcasts about this arena. Originally, I had considered doing random rabbinic texts. More recently, however, I have in mind doing a Pirkei Avot podcast. I think such a podcast would be great, but it needs a lot of working on to get there. 

The immediate idea I have and I am seriously considering doing is a podcast focussed on Jewish drinking texts, with a guest each episode, whether rabbis, academics, or other such thinkers. The idea is to produce weekly episodes, lasting 12-15 minutes (maybe even up to 18 minutes). Although I was thinking of calling it מי חיים (“Water of Life”), I may call it something more familiar, like The Torah on Tap Podcast.

Before moving ahead with that project, though, I need to understand the mechanics of podcasting, so I will be learning about it and experimenting with it in the meantime.