09 January 2014

My Pushing Out More Content on the Web for 2014?

My new blog I began 2 weeks ago
In thinking about my blogging and online endeavors, I realized that I have been generating a lot more content than previously.  Yes, I still occasionally blog here, in my original "Drew Kaplan's Blog", which has been here for nearly 8.5 years, although I haven't spent so much time putting up content here (considering that I've posted 34-48 times a year for the last four years).  However, my DK Quotes blog, which had been around for a couple of years, I then began to start pushing out so much content on that platform, that I was publishing 11 posts a week (2x/day Sunday-Thursday and once on Fridays), which is great (although I haven't published anything there in a week, I resumed generating content today).
Of course, one thing that is very new is my Drew's Views blog, which I began two weeks ago and I am generating several posts a week, at least 4-5 (featuring "Talmud Tuesdays", "Star Wars Wednesdays", "Thematic Thursdays" (this year with the Tanya), and "Foregoing Fridays" (and the occasional "Miscellaneous Mondays" and "Sometimes Sundays")).
However, I realized that is not the full extent of my online content generation.  In my professional capacity, I still have the Southern California Jewish Student Services website, which I occasionally update, as well as the Southern California Jewish Young Adult Enrichment website, which I created a year ago and occasionally update.  However, in the last half year, I have begun to put up content on my professional website/blog, RabbiDrew.info, and which is now something I find is an important platform to get out the word of my professional activities, etc.
I have two other websites that I have, which I hope to discuss in a future post (really, once I get some content up on them), that I created this summer and to which I have recently begun adding content.
Well, we will see how much more I will be doing of these activities, but one thing is certainly a catalyst - becoming a father of a third child.  Yes, this is entirely ironic, since one expects a parent of yet another child to be less involved with such endeavors, yet I have realized that I need to set aside some space in my life for me.  I think this is what happened after my second child: 1) I scheduled in time to go to the gym (if it's not scheduled in, it doesn't happen (oh, the days of not being a parent (or being single) and going to the gym when one wants)) and 2) less than a half year later, I began to get into mixing cocktails.  I think I have realized that I am interested in sharing a lot of my thoughts, ideas, and words and that it's not going to come out on its own, I have to make it happen.  Thus, I am blogging....

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