25 November 2013

New Daughter!

With many thanks to God, my wife gave birth last night to a healthy baby girl, weighing seven pounds.  We had gone in to the hospital in the morning and, having been induced, my wife gave birth at 9:59pm.  My wife was pushing and pushing and once we heard the first cry from our new child, we both gave each other a look and were really glad that this pregnancy had come to an end and that we had a new and healthy baby girl :)
This morning, I headed up to LA for the morning service at a synagogue (whose rabbi is the president of the rabbinic organization to which I belong), where I was able to name our new daughter. (It was also the same synagogue where I went to name Lily.)   When I got up and had my עליה for קריאת התורה, Rabbi Kanefsky did a very lovely job with the naming and included some singing to accompany it :)

Her English name is Emma Trudy and her Hebrew name is מלכה גיטל. Her first name is named after my uncle, Malcolm (מאטל בן מרדכי הכהן) and her second name is named after my wife's great great aunt, Gertrude (גיטל).  Since neither of them had children (nor had children who could name their children after them), we decided to name Emma in their memory.

Tomorrow, my wife comes home from the hospital with our new daughter for the first time.  She'll get to join her sisters, who were born previously (see here and here).


Baby Davis said...

So thrilled for you, Rachel, and big sisters - I guess this is a hatrick? Or more properly, a chazakah!
Chizku v'imtzu and may you all continue to grow in nachas, health and happiness surrounded by loving community with a dash of buckeye ruach.

Baby Davis said...

previous comment and this one came from Max & Dalia Davis. Not sure why it posted "baby davis".

Drew_Kaplan said...

Thank you so much, Max & Dalia! :)