24 March 2011

Daughter #2 Named

Following on the heels of yesterday's birth of our second daughter, I went to shul this morning and named her. Her Hebrew name is שושנה רייזעל and her English name is Lillian Rose.
Lillian is my paternal grandmother's mother's name and Rose is my maternal grandmother's mother's name. Interestingly, after pointing that out, both sides of my family said that we have Lillians and Roses on both sides of our family :)

Amusingly, after announcing her name on Facebook, one of my wife's friends jokingly said, "I feel like Sophie and Lillian will have a great time playing Mahjong together! =)"


Shira Salamone said...

B'ruchah ha-baah to Shoshanah Raizel. May she be blessed and be a blessing.

Drew Kaplan said...

Thank you :)