23 March 2011

New Baby Daughter!

With appreciation to The Almighty, my wife and I were blessed with the birth of our second daughter this morning. It was really excellent to, after having gone in to the hospital early yesterday morning and waiting out the entire day and first part of the night, to have our new daughter emerge healthily. Not only that, but my wife is also, thank God, doing well :)
Although being a father is nothing new, since my wife gave birth nearly two years ago, it is still a very wonderful feeling to be a new father again :)

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Lady Ma'at said...

Congratulations to mom & very proud papa - pictures are worth a thousand words!

How beautiful upon the mountains of this higher hope as we stand witness to a Love so divine - shining through parent's loving eyes into the light of God's own precious little one. Welcome home Shoshannah Raizel (Lilliam Rose) to the light of our reflective love! I am so looking forward to meeting you!


Linn A. Moffett, Chaplain