06 April 2020

A New Coronatine Project Yields Unexpected Byproducts In First Week

One week ago, while out for a walk, I was listening to a “Tea with Gary Vee” episode and got inspired to do something new during this “Coronatine” era we are currently experiencing.

“Tea with Gary Vee”
While I have written before about my newfound appreciation for Gary Vaynerchuk’s content, he has a new daily show called “Tea with Gary Vee”, which is a two-hour “call-in” show, where people Skype/Zoom/whatever tele-call in to ask them their questions about what they can be doing for their businesses/professional aspirations during this challenging time. It’s a clever idea.

More Videos?
While listening to it, one of the callers had asked him about building her business/brand and he said start a podcast, do something new, just like he was doing. While I already have a podcast going, I decided I don’t need another one. While I do weekly videos, do I need more video projects?

“A Few with Drew”
However, it dawned on me, what if I just do a simple video, without any editing and just publish that? I then came up with a simple concept: daily 3-5 minute videos of me chatting about a few topics, including what’s going on with me, but also open to listener/viewer questions. I went with the cute moniker, “A Few with Drew”, referring both to a few minutes with me, but also a few topics.

Live Zoom Chat
So, one week ago, I began this project, and, after the first video, someone commented I should have a live Zoom meeting where we get together and drink and chat, so I created a Zoom meeting for last evening.

Keeping the Conversation Going
Amidst the chat, which actually got a few people to attend(!), we discussed a few things, including Star Wars and more and...it was suggested we continue this group beyond the Zoom meeting chat. Someone else suggested we use Discord to keep the conversation going!

So now, there is a Discord server with separate topics, including Star Wars, Jewish Drinking, and there will be more. Oh, and we plan on continuing the Zoom meeting chat on a weekly basis.

It’s unexpected what can happen when trying new things!

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