02 November 2007

Parshas HaShavua Posting at Canfei Nesharim

This week, Canfei Nesharim posted a devar Torah that I wrote for their Eitz Chayim Hee: A Torah Commentary for Environmental Learning and Action project. I, of course, want to thank them for providing me with the opportunity to contribute to their project. At some point here, I may elaborate about why I find that the environment is important, but especially in a religious sense.
Now, those who know me will notice that some of the material towards the end, such as quoting Rav Nahman of Breslov is not quite my style - it's true - it's editorial addition, though I'm fine with that, as it may be more helpful for some of the readers.
Also, they prepared a source sheet to accompany my devar Torah, which is fine, although, had they asked me, I would have been happy to put together such a source sheet.
Anyways, enjoy & shabbat shalom.

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