28 October 2007

Recent Health News in Drew: Knee Surgery!

By far, the biggest news in my life recently, has been my recent knee surgery. This past Wednesday, I had an arthroscopic meniscectomy, to remove torn cartilage from my left knee. While I am still on crutches as of my typing this post, I hope to be walking crutchlessly within a week. This latest chapter in the ongoing story of my "bad knee", will hopefully resolve well, with me getting back on my feet and, within time, being able to get back to jogging and playing basketball, though I may need to do some physical therapy.
In other health news, I just found out last week, that I have mild asthma, and now I have an inhaler. I guess that helps explain why I've had some breathing troubles previously when jogging, though I thought it was just me being a little bit out of shape. Hopefully, when my legs get back ready to start jogging, I will be able to start getting back into shape and hopefully be somewhat unheeded by breathing problems.


tnspr569 said...

Refuah sheleimah!

Shira Salamone said...

Hope you're back on your feet and breathing easier soon. R'fuah shlemah.