20 January 2006

When Knees Go Bad

Nearly three years ago, in February 2003, I had injured the meniscus in my left knee playing basketball. For a week or so, I wasn't sure exactly what was up and waited for my knee/leg to feel better. After a few weeks, it did. I went back home for spring break, shot some hoops - my knee was recovering. When I got back to school, I jogged once or twice, then went to play basketball, and, before I really did much, my knee/leg was hurting once more. So I went to a doctor, got it looked at, an realized I had to undergo arthroscopic surgery on my knee. That surgery took place in early April of that year. I was extremely immobile for a couple of weeks, I think - I don't remember for how long. However, I do remember that I wasn't permitted - and so, I did not - do any exercise on it. So, there was no jogging or basketball for me (insert very sad face here) [and I gained twenty or so pounds in that time].
Fast forward to the other day, sitting in class, where, for the last three years, I really haven't had any significant problem with my knee. So imagine my surprise when my knee gradually began to hurt over the course of an hour or so (just sitting in class!). I was concerned about it, so I left an hour and a half early and went back to my apartment (though I took a car service instead of the train, as I was hobbling around). I was hoping that yesterday would heal my knee somewhat. While I've been taking Advil since Wednesday, and propping up my leg and icing it since yesterday, I'm not sure what all to do. I only made it out of my apartment for an excursion to acquire food on the YU side of the Heights, slowly limping the whole way. To make matters worse, for the first time, I was kind of scared as I could not run away if someone attacked me, and plus, I was nearly a sitting duck due to my newfound handicap.
I'm going back to school today as I feel guilty about missing yesterday, but I hope that my leg heals, though I am worried that it may seem like it's healed and then really go out on me. A doctor visit may be very much in my near future. I'm thinking that I may not be going to shul this shabbas and just resting my leg up in my apartment and reading, eating, and sleeping.


Anonymous said...

Why live someplace where you even have to contemplate the need to run from commonplace attackers? It seems to me that having free will and such, that its counterintuitive to live in such a depressing place

Drew_Kaplan said...

I (and other people living here) may have "free will and such", but that "such" does not include money. It's that money that would enable me to live in a better place. But as a rabbinical student, I don't have much of that money stuff. Nevertheless, it's usually not that bad of a place, but that's coming from a guy. It's not uncommon for many young ladies to ask guys to escort them back to their apartments due to fear of whomever or whatever.
In fact, I walked two such young ladies back to their apartment buildings in the past week. The first of which was on a blind date. However, she had called me up beforehand to request I pick her up also from her building. I hadn't realized that this was usual, but the latter of the two girls brought this to my attention that I shouls and that it can be a scary place for young women to walk around the Heights.

Drew_Kaplan said...

Knee Update:
My knee was feeling better enough such that by midday, I was hobbling much less and am only limping now. For those who would like to chalk such a thing up to the metaphysical benefits of learning Torah are welcome to think that, though I would like to think that I'm trying to do what I can to take care of it.

chanan said...

sorry to about the knee. Lost my password and haven't gotten new one anyway hope all is well I will be in the city on tuesday if your around? Be in touch.

In the Lee of the Wind said...

What was the weather like? I had the same surgery in 9th grade, andf my knee is now weather sensitive

Also if this continues. go see an orthopedic surgeano


Gatos Hombre said...

U have only one choice. I recommend that u start doing lots of drugs--crack sounds appropriate to me!! Therefore, u should move to Bolivia ASAP....In Bolivia it should be widely available and cheap. Even job prospects look good for u. How many rabbis can there be there? Maybe u could be chief rabbi?

Drew_Kaplan said...

Thanks for your well wishes and checking my blog. We'll be in touch.

I haven't yet known my knee to be weather-sensitive, or at least not in the last few years.
In any event, my knee has gotten to where I can walk on it, though not to 100% of walking. And, no, I'm not even thinking about jogging on it just yet, again. It may, indeed, be something for which I have to go see a doctor.

What the dillyo? What did they do to you in Riverdale over shabbas?