18 January 2006

In Search of a Roommate(s)

So, while I knew that one of my roommates was moving out of the apartment in March (he even posted about it)- as he got engaged, though I just found out Monday morning that my other roommate was not coming back this year, so it looks like I need a new roommate (or two). Yeah, so Ben and I were not happy that there was no forewarning about this departure and are left with trying to figure out what to do about the February rent - hopefully either Meir will pay for his share, as he only gave us two weeks to figure out what to do about February rent, or maybe someone will move in soon.
The thing is that our set-up is that I have a bedroom, while the other two had been sharing the living room. Yes, I paid more than they did, but I'm not sure how many people are willing to share a living room with someone else. So, I think I may need to get just one roommate, but then we'll have to probably split the rent. We shall see.


In the Lee of the Wind said...

Ask Yuter? does he have an apartment yet (last i heard he was still searching)

Drew_Kaplan said...

Yeah, I spoke with him a week ago, though he may be looking at a schoolmate's of mine's apartment.