23 February 2006

My Last and Final Trip to this Year's Seforim Sale

Tonight, I went to the YU Seforim Sale for the last time of this year (for my previous two trips each of the last two Thursdays: trip #1 & trip #2).
This trip yielded me חידושי הרמב"ן על הש"ס (Novellae of Nahmanides on the Babylonian Talmud) in four volumes, ספר אגרות משה (Book of Letters of Moses) in seven volumes, the 1985 JPS translation of the Hebrew Bible in English, the ראב"ד's בעלי הנפש (the Ra'avad's Ba'alei Nefesh (I know I'm getting lazy with translation)), and the Da'at Mikra Atlas.
The Ra'avad work was the only work I was supposed to get for next year's books, though I also needed the Ramban on Niddah and figured I'll just get him on Shas. I figured Rav Moshe's teshuvos aren't going out of style just yet, so I copped that. As to the Biblical books, they're good reference works in general.
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Anonymous said...

Seven volume Igros Moshe? I never igured you for such a right-wing chareidi type, Drew (who eschew volume 8 due to questionable editing by R' Tendler).

Drew_Kaplan said...

whoops, I miscounted - there are eight volumes in the set