06 February 2006

My Knee: An Easy Excuse For Not Jogging?

Most days, recently, I have been waking up with my knee feeling pretty fine (it began hurting a few weeks back). I walk to and around school, and feel pretty fine in my knee. So, I wonder to myself, "How come I'm not jogging?" While it's kind of nice not jogging - y'know, being lazy - I can feel my cardiovascular system suffering, which makes me feel kind of bad (a little bit physically - I have a little more trouble breathing than when I jog, not to mention gaining a little weight (for more on this, see my previous posting on this topic); and a little bit mentally, as I feel kind of guilty for being lazy). So, I was thinking today, while I was walking around rather ably, "Why not jog tonight?" Well, on my way back from school tonight, my knee was feeling not so great - thus my answer(!). We'll see if I get around to jogging in the next few weeks or not, I'm just waiting on my health insurance policy to being on 1 March. (Yeah, being on my parents' policy ended on 31 December, so I've been insuranceless this calendar year. The funny thing is that I haven't needed to see a doctor in many months, and less than three weeks of having no insurance, I need to see a doctor....)


Steg (dos iz nit der šteg) said...

You walk to school? Whoa, isn't that like almost 100 blocks or so?

SG said...

feel better!
I would offer to help you, but I can't take your insurance....

just kidding!

where does it hurt?
what have you tried for it?


Gatos Hombre said...

be rational....don't run before u have that knee checked out

Lab Rab said...

Steg: Probably Drew walks to the subway station ...

March is an odd time to start health insurance, no? I hope it works out until then.

Drew_Kaplan said...

Like Lab Rab said/typed, I walk to the subway station, and from the station to school and the opposite, but I thought it was implied.... (At 75 blocks, though, it is pretty walkable.)

Dr. SG,
It's my meniscus. I know this because it hurts where it hurt when I injured it and subsequently had arthroscopic surgery on it a few years ago. It doesn't hurt so much now, though a few weeks ago it was. I was using advil, icing it, and propping it up. Additionally, I have occasionally been trying a little muscle strengthening exercise they taught me in therapy after the surgery.

Yeah, I agree.

Lab Rab,
Yes, March is, I suppose - oh well.

Jewminican said...

Hey, Drew, want to sign up for Family Health Plus? I think you make absolutely no money enough to qualify and then you'll have awesome health insurance. :)