21 February 2006

Motherly Dating Advice

Last night, while speaking with my mom on the phone, she had pointed out that I'm a lot like my father in that I'm not that talkative (ok, so a lot like a lot of other guys, too). Furthermore, she pointed out that gals are typically more talkative, but that they often can't really tell much about a guy by just talking with a guy (and that's assuming he does talk). However, by doing activities, especially more active ones, a guy's character can show more than they could just by sitting having coffee or ice cream.

I definitely agree with my mom on this point, and think guys should probably take their cue from this. Any thoughts?
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Jewminican said...

In my experience, you are pretty talkative but you do let me get away with talking alot. I think if you're really interested in a person, you'll have tons to say to them...even if it is just questions about whatever she is discussing. I have no free that talkative or not, you're going to find yourself a sexy, exciting and super smart Mrs. Kaplan.

P.S. Got speaking software for my computer. I speak, it types. Might be back in the blogosphere tomorrow.

Drew_Kaplan said...

First of all, welcome back to computing - isn't technology a blessing?
I think if you're really interested in a person, you'll have tons to say to them - maybe, but it's seldom about me, plus I often don't think about my childhood, not that it was bad or whatever, but I notice that oftentimes, gals probe me about my childhood and I struggle to offer up what to say. I also suspect that this perhaps caused me to lose out on "GG" (it's funny that I mention her now, as she's not really on my mind, but she does serve as an example).
As to finding such a great wife as you mention, Jewminican, it continues to be tough. :(

Anonymous said...

It's been my experience that doing "activities" on a first date (or even 2nd or 3rd) such as pool or whatever, is extremely awkward because these are activities that one normally does with friends. Here you are with someone who's a perfect stranger and you're using this activity to create an illusion of comfort and casualness which only highlights the actual awkwardness that exists in this situation.

Tim Lieder said...

Are you kidding? You talk a lot. Besides, very few women (and men) are turned off by someone that lets them talk - as long as they don't suspect that they are doing a monologue to someone that is thinking deep thoughts about his taxes.

By the way - http://www.lunacon.org/lunacon2006/ is on the weekend after Purim. I know that Steg is going. You think you want to get in on trying to get a hotel room (if there are hotel rooms available). $50 at door price. You'll like it. Really you will.

Pablo said...
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