19 February 2006

Seforim Sale Blog Roundup - One More Week To Go

The YU Seforim Sale has been going on for over two weeks, even getting mentioned in the Jewish Week and is one of the biggest Jewish events in the neighborhood (Washington Heights) of the year. Although I have already blogged about my trip there on its opening night and my subsequent return a week later, I thought - with its last week coming upon us - I would do a blog roundup of people who have also blogged about their seforim sale trips.
Similar to my postings, Natan at Ta Shma also blogged about his purchases, Romach about meeting some fellow bloggers, and Menachem about not only meeting some fellow bloggers, but also about the first day. Inmymind posted about how exciting it was for her, Tzvee posts about his gripes about the sale, even though he hasn't gone this year, and Ben posts about the popularity of niddah books. And, of course, Gil has been blogging about various books at the sale, one of which is his posting about the pricing there.
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