25 February 2006

This Weekend

view from the park with my buiiding in the background3 things about this weekend:

(1)Yesterday, when I came back from school, I noticed in the lot next to our building some wooden boards were being put up (potentially for building a building). A few months back, in a few day stretch, "they" cut down all of the trees there. It was rather sad and somewhat frustrating as I liked being able to look out of my window and see trees, especially as that lot is next to the tiny Gorman Park, which also has trees (for pics of the park). So, we'll see how the building progresses. (I wonder if my building-mate, Devorah, will blog about it....)view from my building
(2)Over shabbas, I was speaking with someone about going to the Seforim sale, and he mentioned something about me linking to his blog. I was surprised mainly because I wasn't aware of what he had to do with the blogs I linked. He then informed me which one was his blog, and as such, I have added it to my blogroll.
(3)Tomorrow, I leave for DC to attend the Spitzer Forum in order to promote YCT and will be gone until Monday night. :)
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