02 February 2006

New Class

Today, I attended my first out of fifteen class sessions of Introduction to Amoraic Literature with Professor Yaakov Elman at the Revel (YU) Graduate School.
However, I am only auditing it, so I will not be getting any credit for it. As such, I am really only getting out of it the readings and, more importantly for me, the classroom time. Of course, there's also getting to know and making a contact with Professor Elman, as well. However, there's not the paper writing, which I'm fine with, trust me (however, some people had suggested to me that I take it as a proper class in order to write the paper, as his help on preparing a paper would be good).
So, for $250 as an auditor, I will be taking fifteen classes, which amounts to about $16.67 per class, which isn't too bad.
This is actually the first class in my life that I've audited - I've only ever taken classes for credit. hmmm
Oh, and, yeah, the class was good, and I knew four of the other seven students in the class already (all of them were young women, and two of them are wives of YCT guys).

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