26 February 2006

Arrival in DC & Starting Spitzer Forum

As mentioned in my previous posting, I am at the Spitzer Forum in DC. I left this morning from NYC, taking an Amtrak train down to Union Station in DC, a familiar place, as I was here a year ago, as well as once or twice in the spring of 2002. As to being here a year ago, when I took the Metro to the Omni Shoreham hotel, I recalled having been last year as well. I was here last year for the COEJL conference (which takes place every other year, apparently), which was taking place at the same time as the Hillel Spitzer Forum and the JCPA plenum. This year, it's just the latter two occurring. It's been interesting as I have already met a few people that I've known from both staffing BBYO international leadership summer programs in 2002, 2003, and 2004, as well as people from IUB. I saw Jen Gubitz from IU, as well as a Sara(h) girl also from IU; a fellow BBYO staffer, Zach; and two participants from ILTC from a couple of years back. I look forward to meeting some more people I already know again, as well as to some new people.
Oh, and btw, my room hasn't yet been ready, even though I've been here for almost two hours already - it's frustrating carrying my stuff around.
Oh, and, btw, I attended a session on speaking, which was rather quality stuff. More specifically, it was given by Ariel Halevi, an Israeli, who is a professional speaker and works with organizations, as well, and it was about persuasive speech.
Okay, I'm off for now....
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