12 February 2006

I Need Roommates

I need roommates. After my roommate posted to Maalot Washington (and he posted to his blog) and receiving some phone calls, but nobody really expressing interest (plus, I didn't really know any of them), I'm going to my blog. While I would prefer to have people moving in who I already know, March is coming up quickly.
I am looking for two roommates to move in and pay rent, starting March 1st. The rent will be $400 a month, utilities not included. They will be splitting a living room (pictured) (its dimensions are 18'9" x 11'7.5"), which has a big window. As one can tell, it is nice and new, as it was recently renovated and we moved in in October. There is also a little foyer (or whatever) - it's a little walk-in area (also pictured), there's a bathroom, a kitchen and kitchenette, a closet, a linen's closet, and, of course,
my bedroom (and I have my own closet). Also, it is located in-between the YU side and the Bennett side of the Heights in 666 188th Street at the corner of Wadsworth Terrace. The building has around ten units of frum young people and, at some point in the future, there should be a little shtiebel in the basement (according to our landlord (who's also frum)).
If you are interested and/or you would like to take a personal look at the apartment, please e-mail me (Drew Kaplan) at drewkaplanis@yahoo.com.

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Tim Lieder said...

If you find anyone that looks promising but wants his own room, give him my number.

I have to find a roommate by March as well.