29 December 2005

Recent Drew Hanukkah Doings

After spending four and a half hours in the YU library working on my Talmudic Sleep Ethics paper (for my school's annual journal (Milin Havivin), which is due when we get back from break, which is, like, in a few days), yesterday, I then went to a couple of small Hanukkah get-togethers in the Heights, which was nice, before heading to bed.
I got up early (before 10 am during break does, indeed, constitute waking up early), davened, then went to work back on my paper at the YU library. While working on my paper, I was able to retrieve my five free copies of the most recent issue (Jan. - March 2006) of the Jewish Bible Quarterly, and got to see my first ever published article (YAY!!!), which was, relevantly, on Biblical Sleep Ethics, and which I conveniently referenced/cited. After finishing up around fiveish, I was pretty relieved and happy :)

I then ran a couple of errands, before picking up the next DVD of 24 (disc number 3, for those keeping score at home), which, when I returned to my apartment, my roommate queried me and said, "The first season?? You're watching the first season??" And to that, I replied, "Yes, I have never, ever, never, never, ever seen 24 before this week in my life." "Where were you?" I said, "I was in Israel, when it came out, and was trying to focus on Torah." He then said something about modernity or something, and I said, well, yeah, there is that, but, for me, there is the Koheles factor also (I suppose that's fodder for a future post).
Anyways, after sitting down for a good three-hour showing of 24 (OMG, it is so addictive!), I am now doing some blogging, and trying to come up with a good posting for Esther's dating blog carnival thingy (yes, it's a new thing of which I've never heard, but it's not only a good idea, but Esther e-mailed me about it, too (I'm moving up in the JBlogosphere when Esther e-mails me, I guess.)). So keep posted. :)