17 December 2005


Due to my tiredness over the last few days I haven't been blogging so much, though that's not going to be helped by my leaving in a few hours to go down to Louisiana and Mississippi with several other YCT guys to help with the post-Katrina rebuilding efforts going on down there. Hopefully I will not only blog, but also post pictures from down there.

In other news, I attended my first aufruf this shabbas. Although I have never been to one before, I got invitations to two separate aufrufs: one in Riverdale of a fellow YCTer and one in Flatbush of a friend - as I had been invited over a month in advance, I attended the one in Flatbush, not to mention that I see him less often than my schoolmate.


Also, Aylana is retiring her blog. :(

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Anonymous said...

Take care for the rest of the week. Sounds like you're having one heck of a time.
As to the blog's farewell- a splendid opportunity to prove that silence is often golden... in my case at least ;)