22 May 2006

Why Don't I Ever Talk About Music On My Blog?

(I've been brewing in my head a much longer post dealing with my blog on a much grander level, but for now, I am dealing with the subject of music within my blog, specifically. Hopefully, in the next couple of days, I will describe the nature of my blog, my thoughts on it and many further topics on the topic of my blog. Stay tuned....)
I have been thinking recently about the topic of writing about music on my blog - how come I don't? While I had discussed it in the earlier posting about the shuffle meme, I have now deleted the song titles and their composers/performers to them. It's not that I am either embarrassed or shy about my musical genre preferences, but rather it's probably better that, as a rabbinical student (with the idea that, at some future point in time, I will become a rabbi (not that that is to be taken for granted)), I not discuss such things. Although I am surprised that no one brought up my music preferences on the aforementioned posting, I was queried upon the subject on the posting where I mentioned having purchased two songs from iTunes (since deleted (the comment, not the posting)) and have since realized that it is better that my musical preferences be kept to myself and not shared, per se amongst the world.
This concern was sharpened with my realization of how I might be perceived via this medium, especially as a rabbinical student (oh yeah, that posting will definitely be referenced when I get to my subject at the top of this posting).
This goes also similarly to any TV or movies I see (with the lone (for now) exception of "Shalom in the Home"), as there are those who criticize for that, as well. So, I have taken up the policy of not discussing such things on the blog. Again, not because I am necessarily shy about them, but because I am scared and afraid of people criticizing me, my life, and my entertainment preferences it may not project the proper image of a rabbinical student.
I have come to realize that it's otherwise fine that I not discuss music, even though I enjoy it and it enters into daily life for me, as I'm sure there is no end to discussing music, whereas I seem to pick more finite (?) topics. Or maybe not. Who knows?

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