24 May 2006

Let The Series... About To Begin

Okay, so I keep trying to figure out what it is that I will say/type about my blog now that my blog has both been up for ten months now, has now received over 15,000 hits (thank you!), but more importantly, I get queried as to my blog - it's existence, it's point, my point, what I hope to accomplish (okay, so maybe that's a bit iterative), how I present myself, and other such questions. It gets kind of annoying sometimes being asked the same things over and over again, especially when I haven't organized a fully articulate or semi-articulate answer. As such, I realized that I should do something akin to a state of the blog post. However, I then realized over the past couple of days, that that would be a massive undertaking and probably better for both me to arrange my thoughts piecemeal in a topical fashion as well as for the readers (esp. the ADDers out there). (Don't worry, maybe at the end of July on my blog's anniversary, I'll do a State-of-the-Blog posting.)
As such, I hope to deal with some ontological blog issues (or would that be blogontological issues?? (or maybe the cooler sounding blogtological? (blogical anybody? (no, that sounds like magical)))), which should be good.


Anonymous said...

Drew the word you are looking for is existential and not ontological.

Anonymous said...

The word he is looking for is self-indulgent navel gazing.

Well, okay, that's a phrase.

Steg (dos iz nit der šteg) said...

blogs aren't self-indulgent navel gazing... it's self-indulgent inviting other people to gaze at your navel with you! ;-)

Drew_Kaplan said...

First anonymous,
What is wrong with "ontological"?