30 May 2006

Trying To Figure Out A Voice

In my continuing series of evaluating my blog (begun here and continued here), I have decided to briefly run down where my blog has gone and is going. In a sense, it is a continuation of the previous posting (albeit in a much different tone), but it is in somewhat abbreviated fashion.
Initially, I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to do with my blog, but I mainly described events in my life. Then, I started blogging about girls and dating a bit more. Then I started getting more into the JBlogosphere around the time of the holidays last fall. At which point, I started getting more into the Jewish scene of blogging and post some Jewish articles. At some point, I spun off the YCT Chevre blog and then the short-lived Heights blog (hmmm, should I start it up again?), thus no longer putting any YCT stuff up on my blog and for a time not putting up stuff on the Heights on my blog. However, I realized that I liked more traffic to my site (I know that sounds selfish) and gave up on the Heights blog.
Although I eventually deleted my dating posts, up until early this year, it was somewhat of a prominent topic, as I thought this might be a good venue for discussing views and ideas on the subject matter, especially as it generates interest mainly for those fellow singles out there as well as those interested in the subject altogether. But, alas, perhaps it might (?) be best to keep such things not as much in the public sphere.
Next up is the Judaic content. As Judaism - and Jewish living, for that matter - is a huge focus of my life as an observant Jew, I've got things on my mind to discuss. As Drew, I've got my unique takes on things, and hoping to contribute to people's thoughts on the matter, as well as trying to demonstrate my thinking. As a rabbinical student, I am, on a daily basis, engaging with most of my time with Jewish topics. With these variables, it is easy to see why I would have quite a few things to discuss.
Next is the Heights' stuff. As a resident of Washington Heights, I have some things to say, as well. Unfortunately, however, this last category is a bit out of place. In any event, as such, I will let it be - I think that it's easier to keep the info here.
One last thing for this posting is that this blog is not meant, in any way, to be used for trying to promote my future career in the rabbinate. While I may post my resume, mention papers published or working on, or mention convention attendance, this is meant for people to see, especially for people who know me and are at least somewhat interested in my life (I don't mean that in any sort of haughty way - c'mon, you know people are interested in other people's lives. I know I'm not that important.), or maybe for other information related to it. One thing that I mentioned a lot in the fall and somewhat in the winter was that I felt more oriented as a rabbinical student rather than a future rabbi, per se. I think that holds true for my blog, but my thoughts were given an adjustment and I wisened up that it was probably more pragmatic that I look toward the future in terms of how I accorded myself - blog included. Nevertheless, in terms of utilizing my blog for future employment, I don't foresee that happening anytime soon.

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