09 May 2006

Shalom in the Home posting No. 2

After having posted last night my posting on Shalom in the Home, I realized that there were some addenda I should mention. First of all, for those who have never seen the show, the way it works is that Rabbi Shmuley Boteach visits a family who have been having problems and tries to do what he can in five days to help them. He does so from his base of his "Shalom mobile home" trailer, which has AV equipment that he uses in order to mainly review tapes of what occurs within the house/home of the respective family. He meets with the family, usually focusing on the parents, and tries to deal with the problems going on.
It is certainly ambitious, though he seems to do decently well. One of his general methodologies that strikes me is that he seems to go for the jugular in situations, which may be a more aggressive technique than may work for me, for instance, though it is interesting. Also, I realized, his level of interactions with these families are different than most family counselors, and certainly rabbis, as most will not have video tapes to show these families or be so actively involved on premises with the family, and especially not with earphones into which he makes suggestions remotely.
A couple of other things: someone has commented to me that Reb Shmuley only tells them what to do in certain cases (casuistics?), but doesn't give general principles all the time.
My mother has also suggested that he ought to have a box of tissues in his trailer as people are often crying.
If you want, there is a Shmuleyisms page.
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Anonymous said...

we have a question. kind of wierd. my daughter's boyfriend said that he learned in high school(yeshiva) that you need to wipe(after using bathroom)with your left hand. is this true. not quiet sure why he told us,but it was included in him telling us not to wear our shirts inside out because the mishna b'rurah says it is a ruach rah (we are sepharic does rambam say this too)This is all too much for me. My kids are orthodox but i am traditional.