01 May 2006

News in Drew

Just a couple of things to note in this posting:
-One of my guinea pigs died over shabbas. (It's the one remaining from my initial guinea pigs purchase in August, the one my sister named Butterscotch ("Butters" for short).) Now I only have one left (the one pictured in the posting about the other one dying).
-I got accepted to the Summer Beit Midrash in Boston. This is certainly good news, though it should be challenging. While I pointed out thoughts earlier about how to spend my summer, I still hope to get some researching & writing in, as I haven't been very productive in putting out scholarly articles this year, and certainly not this semester.
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Anonymous said...

Mazal Tov on your aceptance! It is definitely the best possible use of your time this summer. I hope you enjoy it and learn a lot!

Anonymous said...

acceptance. I can spell...it's my computer that isn't cooperating

Lab Rab said...

Hey, good luck in Boston! If I'm around in Boston at any time I'll give you a ring.