30 August 2005

Guinea Pig News

On Shabbas afternoon, returning from lunch, my roommate pointed out to me that one of my guinea pigs that I had only bought the previous Sunday was not moving much. After touching it and then shaking it, I realized it had kicked the bucket. So, I grabbed a plastic bag and put the deceased little body into it, then tossed it into the garbage before any flies or whatever else could discover what I had. I couldn't leave the remaining guinea pig lonely, so yesterday (Monday), I bought a new one, whose picture you can see at left.


Aylana said...

Lock your doors tonight- PETA probably has in in for you.
Baruch dayan emet, by the way.

Drew_Kaplan said...

Ha ha. Thanks, Aylana.

TIM LIEDER said...

it's been a bad couple of weeks for pets.