21 August 2005

My Future Apartment

So my future apartment won't be ready until after September 1, which sucks, but will also be a pain for my roommates as I remain in my old place. For two of them, it won't be so bad, but fo the one with whom I will be sharing a room, it will terribly suck. For the last couple of weeks, I've tried taking a picture of the new apartment, especially the bathroom area, where there is nothing, save for a tub - not even any walls, but the guy who's in charge of the project is being a dick to me in not letting me take a photo, each of the four times I've gone there, just because he's not sure the owner would let him/me. Though I spoke to the owner two weeks ago who said it was ok, this foreman guy won't let me. Nevertheless, I took a picture of the door:

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