25 August 2005

Paper Done; Moving On

My paper for my Columbia grad course has been finished!!! Granted, it took me from Sunday through mid-day Wednesday, if one includes procrastination. I did, however, read all of the articles and arrange my empirical material prior to the first half of this week that my focusing on my paper entail. It was definitely hellish Wednesday morning. After having not slept Tuesday night, kept up only by caffeine pills, music, and the sheer will to finish, I was so not happy with my existential condition. Anyways, I slept last night.
However, I cleaned this morning in anticipation of Michael's return, the other two new roommates' arrival this weekend (one of which arrives in 8-9 hours), and my hopeful departure to my new apartment (yes, I'm still waiting for them to finish the work on it). I just found out a few hours ago about the one arriving in hours and have not prepared for such a soon arrival. Another all-nighter??


Aylana said...

Congratulations on the move and the paper! How're the guinea pigs? How's the existential condition?

Drew_Kaplan said...

You can check out the guine pig info on the next posting and the existential condition, eh, it's cool.