17 August 2005


So I got to play dodgeball today for the first time since middle school. Yay! Each team had 2-3 girls on it and 3-4 guys on it, so there were teams of six, about sixteen or eighteen of them, with most of the people being from the upper west side, as that's where it was, and two teams from the Heights, us being one of them. Well, our first match was against the other team from the Heights, which was kind of bizarre, but all the more fun. I got all three of their girls out and was remaining with one girl on our side vs. one guy on their side, but I threw a ball he caught and she eventually was hit. Oh well, a number of us went to Pizza Cave on 72nd afterwards. We stayed until the first semifinal game. It was neat, all young people in their 20s and 30s, hosted by Emunah. I sure hope they do it again.

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