12 May 2006

Cleaning Up at 1 Wadsworth Terrace

The cleaning up of debris from the site of the future 1 Wadsworth Terrace ("Wadsworth Condos") is now taking place. While I don't have much more to report than that, it is a nice development, as even when there were trees inhabiting the site, it was fairly littered, so it will be getting better, even if for only briefly before the proper construction begins. In both this earlier posting as well as this one, one can see the difference that the cleaning up has made.
Also, I wanted to thank Curbed for their linking me for taking note of the developments there.
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Unknown said...

Thanks you for the pictures. I grew up at 72 Wadsworth terrace and now living in the Netherlands. I was wondering if you may take some pictures of the street and the building # 72. My e-mail address is micheles_letters@yahoo.com
Thank you